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    Lightbulb Connect to LightStreamer with NodeJS

    Hello dear all

    Thanks to your wonderful and useful software.
    I want to use NodeJS to connect and subscribe to LightStreamer server but because in NodeJS really we don't have "document" variable, I get some errors and can't connect to Lightstreamer server.

    Please help me.

    Thank you

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    Thanks for your nice words on Lightstreamer :-)

    So you need to connect from some server-side JavaScript code, running in a NodeJS server, to a Lightstreamer Server. The current version of the Lightstreamer JavaScript library needs a browser container to work properly. But with the success of out-of-browser JavaScript in general and NodeJS in particular, we are working to make the JS lib runnable out of browser too.

    Let me clarify that your scenario is pretty different from the typical NodeJS+Lightstreamer scenario, where you want to use Lightstreamer to push data directly to the client and not the server side code running in NodeJS.

    Kind regards,




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