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    Underlying connection was closed

    While trying to subscribe via the .NET api, on rare occasions we will get the exception: "The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server." I don't really have additional information about the times we received the error.

    Do you have additional information on what causes this to occur? Is it the client losing connection to Lightstreamer? Timeouts? Is it that this specific subscribe request failed to communicate?



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    The message is from the .NET runtime and seems to be complaining for the Server closing an HTTP connection after sending a response that did not include the "Connection:close" header.
    I confirm that LS Server may exhibit this behavior in some cases, but this is not forbidden by the HTTP specifications.

    In which point do you see the exception?
    Does it interfere with the normal activity of the Client Library?
    In other words: is the exception received upon a subscribe request or similar, so that the request fails?



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