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    Deployment Support

    Hi, I need to contact to support via phone in order to talk about deployment issues.

    I call the US phone, but the answer machine sends me to leave a message after the bip (?).

    Is there another phone? a chat support?

    Thanks for the quick reply.


    Among many questions I have, In the scenario where you have a IIS server, and a application server ( I would like confirm if the "" (where the lightstreamer server is), needs to be accessible from the internet.

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    telephone and email support are only available to Allegro/Presto/Vivace users; send a mail to for further info.

    As per your question the answer is yes.
    (there are exceptions e.g. lightstreamer servers behind a load balancer with sticky capabilities, but even in those cases at the end the server is in a way or the other exposed on the internet or on the intranet if that's the case).



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