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    Exclamation Unable to connect to lightstreamer running on HTTPS port from firefox

    Unable to connect to lightstreamer running on HTTPS port from firefox


    here is the background,
    My application server and lightstreamer server are running on the same domain, lightstreamer is configured on run on http & https ports. With IE, the app is able to connect, but initially with a popup, so if you accept, it connects fine.

    Whereas the same app is not able to connect from firefox browser. I use the firefox 3.6 version. I see in the firebug, it says the connection aborted. The browser settings for firefox allows popup, do not have any blockers. Also in my code i have set the page.context.domain same as lightstreamer domain.

    HTTP port works fine for both firefox & IE. Only issue with Firefox with https.

    Any quick help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Found the answer, if you have firebug, you can the request going to lightstreamer server, you can right on the request, open in new tab, it will ask for Exception to connect to HTTPS server, if you accept the exception, we would be able to connect to the server perfectly fine.

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    This is a known issue with self-signed certificates in Firefox.
    Without Firebug, you could still overcome by issuing a manual request from your browser to the Server home page or any nonexistent url;
    this still provides an opportunity to set the rule for the acceptance of the Server certificate.



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