Hi, I cant get the application to run on a IIS Web Server.
Deploying my code to the server, makes the IE and Firefox browser to have issues with (I believe) Cross-Domain access.
After reading the HOW_TO_DEPLOY_ON_YOUR_WEB_SERVER.txt, searching through the forum and many configuration tests, I can't fix it.
This is my scenario:

I can run my code succesfully on my developer machine, where I run a .NET Adapter and LS Server on the same PC, and then, in another instance of localhost (port 2027) I run my .NET Web client which connects to the Server.
I set:
lsEngine.connection.setLSPort(8080); //Default of the LS Server Installation
And it works. Page is displayed and information updated.

The problem comes when I change to another computer (lab-PC).
I installed LS Server on the lab-PC and ran the Basic-Stock Demo succesfully.
I ran the .NET Adapter and it shows on the LS Server command window that it succesfully connects to it.
I deploy the .NET Web Client on a IIS web server. Changing the values to:

On my host file I have: kdes.com #lab-PC IP
(Since, I'm running both LS Server and Web Server on the same machine.)

I access the application successfully via http://kdes.com/Lightstreamer/Default.aspx,
it shows the page, but it doesnt update.
The problem is that in my web Browser (firefox) I get an issue about:

Warning: An unbalanced tree was written using document.write() causing data from the network to be reparsed. For more information https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Opt...lative_Parsing
Source File: http://kdes.com/Lightstreamer/LS/lse...gAlerts=false&
Line: 89

In IE i get "Permission Denied" lsEngine.html, which makes "lsEngine is null" error.

As I stated before, I've made several tests but I may be missing something which I can't figure out what it is. Any help will be apreciated.