Hi, we've been having significant trouble on our lightstreamer based web app with the IE script warning appearing from time to time in ie8. We haven't ruled out the possibility of our app's code causing this, but I wondered if there was any history of problems with this warning and use of lightstreamer? For instance, any usage patterns to avoid, specific to lightstreamer. Does each update consumed by lightstreamer run in a seperate JS-worker? I may try introducing worker queue-timeout style processing at various points to see if it has an impact.

We're using several non visual tables subscribed to around 10-30 items each, pushing that data into ExtJS grids. There's no general problem with speed of the browser or CPU usage. The visual symptom is that after anything between 10 minutes and several hours of use, one of the tables stops rendering any updates for a few seconds (though the stream of updates should be constant), and then seems to consume a lot of updates (on the order of tens), triggering the slow script warning. This can happen just as frequently while using other functions on the site as when leaving the browser idle. Thanks for any light you can shed on this issue.