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    Cool What is the maximum number of items per subscription?


    Our application subscribes to a table having ~4000 rows. Update rate is 0.5Hz. We are able to get a correct initial snapshot, but then it stops updating after a few successfull updates. There are no errors in the Lightsreamer server log. We do not see this issue with smaller tables ~200 rows.

    Is there a limit of rows for the subscription?


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    the only limit on the subscriptions is the <request_limit> in the server configuration (details on the configuration file), but as you saw the snapshot it means that the subscription went through so that that does not apply to your case.

    Try to set the LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions category in the server log configuration to DEBUG to see then events flowing from the adapter to the server and the LightstreamerLogger.pump and LightstreamerLogger.push ones (to DEBUG too) to see the events flowing from the server to the clients, then post the log if possible so that we can check it.

    Also note that if all the rows pertain to a single item (and the frequency you mention is applied to rows not to the whole item), than a frequency limit may apply:




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