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    Will client get any notification if .net data adapter crashed

    My .net data adapter is connected to LS server thru rkedDataProvider proxy. When the .net data adapter crash, the LS server remain up and running. I wonder if there is any notification sent from LS server to client about the unavailability of data adapter.


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    No, this has not been added, as the robustness mechanisms introduced with the "RobustNetworkedDataProvider" act entirely on the adapter side.

    I acknowledge that it could be a useful extension; for instance, the RobustNetworkedDataProvider could maintain a special item to carry this information.
    Something similar is done in the provided sample JMS Data Adapter (in DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_java\examples\StockListDemo_JMS_D ataAdapter), where a dedicated field is added for each item.

    For now, you might add a custom keepalive mechanism, through a dedicated item with regular updates.



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