It seems to me that SetItemsRange is supported in MERGE mode but not COMMAND mode, is this right? (web client Version 4 Revision: 24327)

I'd like to do paging on my COMMAND mode NonVisualTable both because our UI updates are slow for >100 items and because even without the UI attached Lightstreamer processing updates is taking a decent chunk of CPU.

Since the main issue is the UI, I could try a few things:

1 Setting max frequency - if I could set the frequency across the whole command table that would be good, but it is applied to individual items, sot he effect is minimal as we have around 1 update every couple of seconds per item bursting up to 3 or 4 a second per item.

2 Without the max frequency - i could bulk update the UI grid every second or so, but i'd rather do that above the ui tier.

3 Paging with other subscriptions - subscribe to COMMAND with only key and command fields, then subscribe to a subset of items by those keys as though such a subset was a page. I read this solution elswhere on the forum (it is how MultiDynaMetaPushTable works?) and it sounds quite feasible.

The quickest solution, however, would be if setItemsRange worked for me. if anyone has any info on using pagination in command mode, please let me know