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    Lightstreamer not working on my desktop

    Hi till yesterday I was able to start Lightstreamer without any probelms. For some reason, today i am getting following error when ever i try to start the lightstream server :

    15.Jun.11 09:09:53,000 <ERROR> Unable to perform license check:
    ion: Bad Base64 input character at 4: -90(decimal)
    15.Jun.11 09:09:53,031 <FATAL> License configuration error. System exits.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance

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    The error refers to the format of the license file supplied to the Server.
    The license file is a text file which contains a base64 string;
    can you confirm (through an editor, for instance) that it is not currupted and it only contains a few lines of ascii characters with no special characters?
    Note that even converting the content to a format different than ascii (even UTF-8)could cause the issue.



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