The dev environment I have at the moment requires me to run webserver(tomcat) and lightstreamer on the same box. I am in the process of writing a GWT application which gets realtime updates via Lightstreamer.

After going thru suggestions on many threads here my hosts.txt is as follows

My machine ip address in and in MyComputer-->properties the computer name is and domain is

The file is as follows :

I access my GWT application in firefox 4 & internet explorer 8 using the url

In the lightstreamer console the following is displayed :

01.Apr.11 12:51:13,086 < INFO> Serving request: /lightstreamer/control.js --> LS
_session=S8af91f62e8f22201T5112836&LS_table=0&LS_w in_phase=7&LS_op=add&LS_req_ph
ase=374&LS_mode=RAW&LS_id=mode&LS_schema=count&LS_ unique=1& from
01.Apr.11 12:51:13,086 < INFO> Controlling session: S8af91f62e8f22201T5112836 fr

But both Internet Explorer and Firefox status bars don't the usual connected message.

The callback onMessage does not fire in Internet Explorer. But in Firefox the onMessage method in the client side gets fired , the first line in the onMessage method is an Window.alert which causes the following error

The page at says
Error:Permission denied for <> to call method Window.alert

Is there a way i can run lightstreamer and webserver on the same box and get things to work?