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    receiving error code 61 and error message "Expected 1 items but got 2"on swift client

    Hi , i am receiving an error on a raw mode subscription: [mode: RAW,
    items: ["NOTIFICACAO"],
    fields: ["id_notification", "cd_priority", "ds_title", "ds_body", "ds_action", "dh_notification", "notification_type"],
    dataAdapter: BOVESPA]
    the error says that I am sending two items, but on the subscription array, I am sending only one item.

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    When a Subscription is configured using an ItemList or a FieldList—either through the setters setItems and setFields or by the constructor—the client verifies that the number of items and fields returned by the server matches the number of elements in the ItemList and FieldList. If there is a discrepancy, the client deletes the subscription and triggers the SubscriptionListener.onSubscriptionError listener with error code 61.

    The actual items and fields to which the subscription applies are determined by the Metadata Adapter methods getItems and getSchema. Therefore, in your case, you should examine these two methods to ensure they return exactly one item and seven fields, respectively.



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