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    BlackBerry error "Invalid Url Parameter"

    I have created application simple application for BlackBerry, similar with "javametest".
    Library "ls-midp2-client.jar" is used.

    It works properly in simulator under MDS. Without MDS connection timeout occured.

    When I try on real device (6.0) I got error:

    ERROR Client: Invalid Url Parameter

    How I can run "lightstreamer" client on BlackBerry when MDS is absent?

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    the current release is not completely compatible with blackberry devices.

    we've added such compatibility for our next release.
    You can check a preview of such release here:

    The new version of the sdk also contains a blackberry example. Check it out as it shows how you'll need to use the library to work with blackberry devices.

    let us know if you have any issue.




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