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    Accessing multiple adapters

    I know the web client library currently has a limitation that you can only access one adapter per push page, does this apply to your other client libraries, in particular J2SE and .NET ???

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    Hi Waddy,

    Yes it is. The limitation is on Lightstreamer's protocol so every client connecting to Lightstreamer suffers this limitation. To get data from 2 different adapters you have to open 2 connections.

    We are planning to remove this limitation, but I'm not able to say when we will work on that.

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    Currently each push session can be bound to a Data Adapter only. A future version of Lightstreamer will allow multiple Data Adapters to be used by the same push session. In the meanwhile, it is possible to develop a very simple Proxy Adapter that replicates the Lightstreamer Server interface and routes the subscription requests to multiple Data Adapters based on some naming convention for the items.



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