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    chat and private message


    is possibile to send a message only one client (one to one comunication ) like in private message with LightStream ?


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    you can do that by associating an item to each user on you metadata adapter (see MetadataProvider).

    Please take a look to the Basic Instant Messenger Demo;
    you can find the sources of the adapter in the Lightstreamer distribution under LS_HOME/DOCS-SDKs/sdk_adapter_java/examples/Messenger_Adapters/src_metadata/messenger_demo/adapters

    NOTE: the metadata adapter of the demo is not complete; you should add user authentication implementing the notifyUser method and by adding the missing check in the checkIMName method.
    NOTE: the demo assumes the client subscribes to the specific item. You may choose to use the same item name client-side and then translate it to the user-specific item on the getItems method.

    take also a look to these discussions: &



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