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    Cookie not received in NotifyUser

    We're making use of the Dot net Adapter.

    On the client-side:
    We've set the cookie handling requirement to "true" with the line client.connectionOptions.setCookieHandlingRequired (true).
    After examining the client-side, it's evident that cookies are included in the request header.
    However, on the server-side, we're encountering an issue where the cookie isn't being received in the NotifyUser function.

    On the server-side:
    I've configured the following settings in my adapter XML:

    Despite this configuration, the cookie is not being received in the header. Is there anyone who can provide assistance with this problem?
    C# meta data adapter
    public override void NotifyUser(string user, string password, System.Collections.IDictionary httpHeaders)
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    In fact, the <forward_cookies> setting should have allowed you to receive the cookies in NotifyUser.
    To check if the request is received by the Server in the same form it is sent by the client, you can have it logged by setting the LightstreamerLogger.connections.http logger at DEBUG level.
    Moreover, you can check if the request is forwarded correctly to the Remote Metadata Adapter by setting the LightstreamerProxyAdapters logger at DEBUG level.
    Both log settings are verbose, so they are most useful if you can replicate the issue in a test environment.

    But note that the <forward_cookies> setting should be in the main configuration file, to act on a global level, not in adapters.xml as you report.
    Please clarify that first.

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    We are using only adaptor.xml . we created docker images deployed the server in k8s
    Could you help me where to add the main configuration file.

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    I haven't been able to locate a sample file for the primary configuration file, specifically "lightstreamer-conf.xml." Would it be possible for someone to provide a sample of this file?

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    The factory configuration file is directly included in Lightstreamer Server's distribution package, as the file may change slightly with the different versions of the Server.
    If you use one of the Lightstreamer's official docker images, then the factory file is in the image at the /lightstreamer/conf/lightstreamer_conf.xml path and you can extract it with the "docker cp" command.
    If you have built your docker image directly from Lightstreamer Server's distribution package, you can find it in the original package at the same path.

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    Thanks Dario. I got the file.

    Is there a way to selectively update specific properties within the lightstreamer_conf.xml file from the container using environment variables, rather than replacing the entire file in the Kubernetes deployment? This is because the configuration file references other files like log_conf.xml and others, and replacing the entire file may disrupt these references.

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    I can't understand what you mean. Even though the configuration file is replaced with an external one, it is still found by the Server in the original folder, hence the relative paths included should not change.

    If you want to use environment variables to modify the contents of the configuration file, this is possible, provided that you prepare the file, by placing references to environment variables in the settings that you want to determine from outside.
    References to environment variables have the form $env.xxxx, where the "env." prefix should also be enabled by adding the
    So, for instance, you can write
    to have the path of the log configuration file searched in the LOG_CONF environment variable.
    Note that this can only be used for the whole setting value, not for a part.



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