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    Question Getting to Status DISCONNECTED

    I am working on connection troubleshooting for my implementation of the Java SE Client 4.3.8 and there is a functionality I can't seem to figure out. I have a primary and secondary connection hence, if my client disconnects and the connection cannot be recovered I would like to manually swap over to my other connection, however, despite messing around with the values in the connection options I can't seem to get my client to go into status DISCONNECTED.

    It simply loops between DISCONNECTED:WILL-RETRY and CONNECTING indefinitely. I would like it to retry a few times (maybe for 30 seconds or so) but eventually give up. This seems like something that would be supported in the connection options but I can't seem to figure it out. I appreciate any pointers, thank you.

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    The Lightstreamer Client SDK does not provide an option to configure a timeout such that if a connection cannot be established within the timeout, then the client is forced to give up.
    However you can easily implement a similar functionality by using the same pattern that was discussed in your previous thread:

    Timer timer = null;
    void onStatusChange(status) {
      if (status.equals("DISCONNECTED:WILL-RETRY")) {
        if (timer == null) {
          timer = new Timer();
          timer.schedule(() -> {
            if (!client.getStatus().startsWith("CONNECTED")) {
          }, TIMEOUT);

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    Hey, thanks again for another reply! Yeah, I have a similar functionality to above up and running, was just hoping there was a cleaner way using only the lightstreamer built in functionality. Thanks for the help, good to know it just isn't an option.



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