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    Question WIFI Disconnection

    when wifi disconnection happened, the client entered the DISCONNECTED state, and keep trying to reconnect.

    my question, when the client goes to DISCCONNECTED state, does that mean that all previous subscriptions have been killed by the server, or the client should handle the unsubscriptions.

    I have a very strange scenario as the following:
    1 - LS client connected and subscribed item#1
    2 - Wifi disconnected.
    3 - LS client ==> DISCONNECTED.
    4 - LS RECONNECTED and subscribed again
    5 - LS Client receives two updates for item#1 with same values????????

    How this happened?

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    When the client is disconnected, all the subscriptions are lost and you donít have to make any unsubscritiptions. Then, when it gets reconnected, the client issues again all the subscriptions automatically.

    If after the reconnection you receive two updates with the same values, a possible explanation is that you have subscribed to the same item twice.

    You can exclude this scenario by calling the method LightstreamerClient.getSubscriptions and checking there arenít any duplicates.

    If itís not the case, can you enable the client logger to the DEBUG level and post an excerpt of the output showing the unexpected behavior?



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