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    Exclamation maven dependency

    Hi everyone,

    I want to add lightstreamer server dependency in maven, previously i was using ant where i can keep the jar file of lightstreamer but not while building the project in maven. Can anyone help me regarding this lightstreamer dependency in the project?
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    We don't expect Lightstreamer Server to be used as a dependency in a building project.
    We only expect the Java In-Process Adapters SDK jar to be used to build java Adapters.
    This jar (named like ls-adapter-inprocess-x.y.z.jar) is included in the Server package, but it is also available on Maven.
    Obviously, you should search on Maven the same jar version included in the Server version in use.
    If you are doing anything different, please expand.

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    Hi Dario,

    I want to start lightstreamer as a server in my project. For that i need the dependency of lightstreamer in our project built on maven. How do i start lightstreamer as a server through our java project.Will Java In-process Adapters dependency will work to start the lightstreamer as a server or do i need to start the lightstreamer server as a jar file only. If i add this In-process adapter dependency what it does to our project?

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    Lightstreamer Server should be started as a jar file, but the correct way to do this is shown in the launch script provided in the package under the Lightstreamer/bin folder.
    If you can't use a shell script, you should try to reproduce in your environment the command line used in our scripts.
    Then the Server, if configured with the reference to your Adapters, will load and run the Adapters upon startup.
    Do you need to run the Server from inside a development tool with the purpose of testing the Adapter source code?

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    Do u have any reference for the configuration to start the lightstreamer server via the project! Like a simple helloworld project would also do.It will be very useful for writing script.

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    Do you mean a tutorial on how to launch LS Server manually as an alternative to leveraging the scripts?
    We didn't think at this option and we can evaluate it for the future.
    So far, we have assumed that one could take the scripts in Lightstreamer/bin as a reference, also to avoid duplicating the information.

    If this is your goal, please clarify if the discussion in this previous thread was not informative enough.
    See in particular post #4.

    We still struggle to understand your scenario.
    If you want to test an adapter that you have just built, then you have to run the Server manually (either via script or via jar as explained in the cited post), after configuring it to load your adapter, which is done by adding a suitable subfolder in the "adapters" folder.
    If you want to debug your Adapter code and set breakpoints in a development environment, this is also possible and we may proceed with more detailed instructions.
    But first please clarify, also with reference to the cited discussion, if you are writing an Adapter to be run in-process or a Remote Adapter.



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