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    Subscription Timeout too fast

    I'm running LS v7.2.2 with a v8.0.7 webclient. The Meta and Data adapters are C# Core v6.

    I'm trying to increase the subscription timeout. I increased the subscription_timeout_millis setting in the lightstreamer_conf.xml file to 30 seconds but the unsubscribe method in the DataAdapter is called almost immediately after the client disconnects.

    This particular client unsubscribes to all subscriptions and then immediately disconnects from the server.

    Are there additional settings that must be changed to get LS to honor the subscription_timeout_millis?

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    Hi rthompson,

    Please consider that the subscription_timeout_millis setting does not apply in case an explicit unsubscribe request has been received for that item.
    It applies only in cases where the unsubscription is implicit, due to the termination of the client session that requested the relevant subscription.
    The timeout was meant to address cases like a client just refreshing the page, with a quick re-connection after a disconnection, to save a couple of probably useless unsubscribe and subscribe calls to the Data Adapter.


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    Ah OK. Didn't realize that was the use case. This makes sense now.

    Thanks for the quick reply.



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