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    Getting exceptions on initial subscription request

    when sending the first subscription requests to lightstreamer server we see exception in lightstreamer log.

    the log file is showing an error:
    ERROR|L.M.QUOTE_ADAPTER |UOTE_ADAPTER Reply Receiver|Exception caught while subscribing to item 'xxx'"

    How can we add the exception message to the log?

    thanks in advance
    Shirli Keisi

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    Depending on the kind of problem, this kind of log comes in two versions:
    - a short version, in which the log line terminates with the exception message;
    - a long version in which the full exception stack trace is reported.
    Since the short version includes a colon before the exception message, this case seems a long version.
    In this case, the exception message is reported at the beginning of the stack trace.
    Could you check if the stack trace is included in the log file?



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