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    <ip-address>:8080 not reachable


    I've deployed Lightstreamer on a virtual linux machine in the cloud.
    All went well, and after starting the Lightsreamer server I go to <ip-address>:8080 in my browser but the page does not load.

    I've opened up port 8080 and the lightstreamer logs don't show any errors.

    Am I missing a step? (I followed the steps in GETTING_STARTED.TXT, succesfully).


    Kind regards,
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    My bad.
    On liinux level port 8080 was still closed.
    I've opened it up and now it's working.

    Now figuring out how to get it to work via https

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    Hi jvanhensberg,

    Please refer to the inline comments of <https_server> parameter in the "lightstreamer_conf.xml" configuration file in order to properly configure your Lightstreamer server.
    You should also refer to point 4) of "PRODUCTION_SECURITY_NOTES.TXT" and to "TLS Certificates.pdf" documentation.

    Please let us know if you need any further clarifications.




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