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    Question Can I apply conditions before filter in filtered mode ?

    Same as title, I have simple example here:
    I have a game, player can win a lot of money when play a mini game. I want to nofify to all clients that: Hey, playerA got 5B dollars from this mini game...In case, very lucky, playerA got 1000 times win 5B, and 1 time win 10B, at same time. In normal, with filtered mode, client receive notify win 5B, a lot times. I want client receive notify 6B only. How to do that ?

    I'm a 3rd party and request game server (ie data provider) filter before sending they data as well as request to the client to filter they received data and display the maximum value, is IMPOSSIBLE.

    This is example. In case have another solution some like stick all in queue and filter from this queue & get only biggest value. I still want to ask, have any way to put some condition before filter from server ? Thanks
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    Hi chickendev,

    What is available in the Metadata interface is the selector mechanism, which allows you to have, for a particular set of Items, a call to a Metadata method for each update received for those Items in order to filter out the specific update or not.
    Please refer to the isSelectorAllowed and isSelected methods of MetadataProvider interface.

    But please also note that the isSelected method is expected to make a decision without fully knowing the flow of updates that is taking place, i.e. without knowing which updates will arrive for the same item and when.
    Also note that the selector could have significant impacts from a performance point of view since the isSelected method will be called for every update of the allowed Items.
    And as a consequence of this last consideration, keep in mind that selectors are only available for in-process adapters and not for remote ones.

    Please let us know if you need any further clarifications.


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    Thanks for your support <3



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