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    Question What is value of grantedMaxFrequency ?

    Same title, I want to ask, what is value of grantedMaxFrequency ?

    I found it in General Concepts, page 27. In this line:

    maxFrequenxy=min(allowedMaxFrequency, requestedMaxFrequency, grantedMaxFrequency)

    I know it mean, but I want to know, what is the value of it ? 1, 2 or any number ? Where can I see it value ? And what diff in another version, I dont see it in products page or config file. Where is it ?


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    The grantedMaxFrequency is defined as "an upper limit on the frequency that may be imposed as a limitation in some specific editions of the product".
    In the product page we refer to it as the "Max Message Rate (Downstream)".
    Admittedly, the definition is a little dated, as the value is not strictly related to the edition, but, for Enterprise edition, it is an optional feature of a specific contract and it also depends on the kind of license. However, it can be chosen only among the values 1, 3, and unlimited.

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    Thanks for supports, its name in General Concepts & Product Page make me confuse (
    Hope update soon. <3



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