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    Question Custom TLCP version

    Faced a problem on the IOS platform. In the current project, we use the official Flutter Lightstreamer package. For the Android platform, this works fine, but for IOS, the server drops the connection with the message: Unsupported protocol version

    The main difference between platforms is the TLCP version, for Android it is 2.1.0, for IOS 2.4.0. Since version 7.0.3 is used on the server side and no upgrade is planned, I have to use TLCP version 2.1.0 on the client side. I have already tested IOS with Android config, everything is working fine, so is it possible to make the TLCP version customizable?
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    I am sorry but the TLCP version is not customizable because it is a requirement about the capabilities of the Lightstreamer Server which are needed by the plugin.

    However the source code of the Flutter plugin is open source, so you can try to loose the requirements but only to some degree.
    For example you can force the Flutter plugin, which depends on the Lightstreamer Swift Client SDK, to use the Swift Client 5.0.0-beta.4 instead of the version 5.0.0, which is the last released one. In that case the TLCP version requested is 2.3.0, which is a little better than 2.4.0 but still far from 2.1.0.



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