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    How do I use AngularJS in Salesforce?


    I have many modules made in Salesforce and I want to configure them with Angular JS. Actually, I am new to Angular JS and I wanted to know how can I use Real-time Data Binding including Dependency Injections, User Experience, Deep Linking, etc.

    How to add some Angular directives to my modules to make the application work.
    Ashish Roe
    Salesforce Admin Certification

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    We are sorry but our area of expertise is the Lightstreamer technology, which is real-time push technology.
    On the other hand Angular is a web framework. Of course Angular can display data obtained from Lightstreamer or any other data source but the specific way to obtain this is not our main concern.
    However we provide a few simple demos showing how to integrate Lightstreamer in Angular. You can find them here.



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