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    How to Hide or Change the IP Address that Appears in the create_session.js File


    I'm using web client to make a subscription to Lightstreamer server, and due to security reasons, we need to hide or change the IP address parameter that appears in the create_session.js file, that call "start" method.

    Is there a way to configure this on Lightstreamer server, or it is the default behavior?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Server response to create_session includes the client IP as seen by the Server.
    However, the behavior can be configured with the <client_identification> block within the configuration of the listening port.
    See the inline comment in the factory configuration file for details.
    In particular, you should add the "private" attribute to <client_identification>.

    Moreover, I suppose that the IP address that you see is not the client address but an internal address on your side.
    This can also be fixed by properly configuring the <client_identification> block.
    In fact, even if not sent to the client, this IP is useful to identify the clients in the Server log file.

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    Hello Dario,

    Thanks for the reply, I made the changes in the config file and it worked great just as I need it to.




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