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    Lightbulb iOS Client SDK update on Cocoapods

    The latest version of the Lightstreamer on Cocoapods spec repo seems to be 4.2.1, which is a fat framework, with which I get some issues on my project in XCode 13.3. From the posts, I gather that the idea of supporting Cocoapods was dropped because cocoapods did not play well with xcframework. But with the latest version of Cocoapods, I guess we have relatively good support for xcframeworks. I have created a local pod from the latest release(4.3.2) and I can verify that Cocoapods supports xcframework now and I can build without issues. However, I'd like not to keep my dependencies locally. Can you make an update to the spec repo?

    Attaching the spec I'm using file just in

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    The dismissal of Cocoapods was due to some limitations, but it was mainly part of a migration from Cocoapods to Swift Package Manager.
    Hence, the iOS Client SDK library is distributed on Cocoapods up to 4.2.1 and on SPM since 4.3.0 and we have no plan to extend the use of Cocoapods.
    For this reason, you should switch to SPM for your project as well. The topic is explained in this forum post.
    BTW, note that further improvements after version 4.3.2 will be transferred to the new Swift Client SDK 5.0 (currently in beta).

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    Hi, there is an update.
    The new Swift Client SDK 5.0, still in beta, is now available also on Cocoapods.
    You can find installation instructions in the SDK project home.
    Hence, distributions on Cocoapods have been resumed, now along with SPM.
    However, it is confirmed that iOS Client SDK 4.3.x libraries are not available on Cocoapods.



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