I'm currently writing a python client for Lightstreamer 6.2.5 as part of a school project. My current goal is to get live prices of https://www.ls-tc.de/en/ into a python project, so that other students are able to "speculate" with these assets.

As Lightstreamer 6.2.5 is legacy and not supported anymore, I'm writing my own client. I've been diving a lot into the network requests, but after a lot of hours I still can't answer the following questions:

1. Before connecting via WebSocket, the js Client makes a request to "https://push.ls-tc.de/lightstreamer/create_session.js".
The request includes "LS_phase" as form data. What exactly is "LS_phase"? As far as I understood, it's just a random 4-digit number, which is later used when upgrading to the WebSocket.
2. When sending the request to /create_session.js, the server answers with js which includes the same phase number and (I think) a session identifier, like "S74535bee154ceeb1T3449099". Wenn connecting to the WebSocket afterwards, this session identifier is sent to the server too. What's the difference between LS_phase and this session identifier?

Please note that I can't switch to another language for this project, as it has to be implemented in python3.