In our system the Data adapter give the initial snapshot as the first client subscribes,
the snapshot is multiple events sent with "Add" command and 'isSnapshot' flag set to true,
The snapshot ends by sending "endOfSnapshot" call.

Please clarify the lightstreamer behavior:

1. Pre-Processor Snapshot life time: does the snapshot is hold in the server until all the client are unsubscribed ?

2. When first client is subscribed to an item, if we send update
during/before the snapshot we will get the warning of "unexpected snapshot" but still it will be saved in the server, correct?

3. What happened if the second client subscribe to the same item and before sending the snapshot
the pre-processor will get another update from the remote adapter? will we still get the error?

4. how do we handle unsubscribe followed by fast subscribe action if as update sent between requests?

5. what are all the scenarios which we can get the "unexpected snapshot"?
(beside cases of an update done before snapshot is sent)
consider we are also using cluster of LS.