Hi here!

I've setup the LS server and it runs included demos. Now, I would like to add the Node adapter so I can start a real POC.

However, some of the steps are not clear and I'm hitting some issues.

For reference, I am following the steps here:

First, the instructions say:

copy the ChatAdapterNode directory and all of its files into the adapters folder.
That is a bit misleading because the directory "lib" is empty and there's only one file called "adapters.xml". However, after doing more research it appears that only the config file is needed.

Next, after adding the adapter from Github, the server doesn't start.

waiting for a connection on port 8003
I found if I start the remote node adapter demo it will trigger the server to finish starting. That's okay, but unfortunately, the remote adapter itself can't full start. Only the port 8003 is able to connect.

$ node nodechat.js --host localhost --metadata_rrport 8003 --data_rrport 8001 --data_notifport 8002
Question #1: How would we manage server deployments in production if the LS server won't start until a remote adapter tries to connect? It seems like you would need to always time the deployment of the adapter to match the LS server, which seems impossible.

Question #2: The remote adapter demo won't fully start (as noted above) because it can't connect to the LS server on all ports. If both the LS server and adapter are dependent on each other to start it seems it will never work.

Question #3: Is there an updated sample for Node JS or some additional steps that I'm missing?