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    DELETE event is not propagated to the client

    We have a command-based adapter set up with a client subscribing to specific item.
    The sever send ADD and UPDATE commands which propagate successfully to the client with the specific key.

    But when the server send a DELETE command with the same key the event is not propagated to the client.

    What can be the reason the DELETE not passed on to the client side?

    IMPORTANT NOTE : If the client side subscribed with subscription type MERGE (instead of COMMAND) then the event with DELETE command is sent successfully to the client.

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    Hi shirli_om2,

    One of the most probable reasons why a DELETE event is not propagated to the clients is that the key specified in the event does not match any of those present in the internal state of the server for that Item at the time the update arrives.
    In that case the event is simply filtered out by the server as it does not produce any significant change to the status of the Item.

    In any case to understand what happens in your specific case I would ask you to leverage DEBUG lever for these server logger settings (lightstreamer_log_conf.xml):

    <logger name="LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions" level="DEBUG"/>
    <logger name="LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions.upd" level="DEBUG"/>
    <logger name="LightstreamerLogger.preprocessor" level="DEBUG"/>
    <logger name="LightstreamerLogger.pump" level="DEBUG"/>

    Please, if you can reproduce the issue with a dedicated test server (or in any case with few active client sessions at the time of the test) so that we can better isolate the test case, send us the server log file (Lightstreamer.log).
    You could also provide us the log file via the email.

    Thank you,

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    Thank you, it was an issue on client side not on LS server, solved

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    Thank you for the feedback.




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