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    Ag grid subscriptions and lazy scrolling and subscription mode

    Our users will be concurrently updating a 'shared' ag-grid client multiple cells (akin to Google sheets). A few questions:
    1. How do we manage the Subscription for this grid given the list is incomplete (lazy scrolled?).
    2. Is it correct to assume the data-item and data-field arrays need to be somehow dynamically managed for a Subscription? How? I see an example demo but the ag-grid list is static and known it advance.
    3. What is the best subscription mode for this type of real time collaboration (RTC) and why? The MERGE or DISTINCT or... is unclear in the documentation although the example above it is set to MERGE if I recall correctly.

    As a customer we're greatful for your continued and timely support and guidance. You've been very helpful.

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