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    How to simulate Lightstreamer responses

    Hi, as we start development of our client and server LS infrastructure, it would be ideal for the client (Angular) to simulate LS responses until the backend is ready. Much like one can mock HTTP calls for example. Any info on this?
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    Lightstreamer Client Library is based on the TLCP application protocol, that uses HTTP and Websocket as transport protocols. Since TLCP is stateful, it is more difficult to mock a server based on it than to mock a server based on stateless paradigms such as HTTP/REST.
    At the moment there is no out-of-the-box test framework which provides the required capabilities. So our suggestion is simply to wrap the Lightstreamer Client is a component and then to mock the component in your tests.

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    I apologize. I meant 'simulate' can we simulate LS responses? I suppose simply kick off an emitter with an interval locally on the client side or does LS provide anything?
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    I’m not sure I understand correctly your question.
    Do you want to simulate the requests/responses traveling on the wire when a Lightstreamer client talks to a Lightstreamer server?
    If this is your intent, then neither the Lightstreamer server nor the client provides anything out-of-the-box for testing purposes.

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    Yes. Thanks!




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