Iím working on a project that is currently at a standstill at connecting to a Lightstreamer server running v7.0.3 and there is an issue with the client I am using, lightstreamer_ls-javase-client_4.3.0 (downgraded from v4.3.7 at the request of the support staff for the market I am connecting to).

When I attempt to subscribe to their Lightstreamer push service my application just doesnít connect or subscribe in any way, without any error messages or exceptions thrown. The threads just seem to die out. Iíve been reading through Gain Capitals documentation and FAQs, along with your own. It is my belief that Iíve set up the code for this method correctly and I cannot trace an error of any fashion. I will include the code for this below.

If it makes any difference to you I am using Eclipse IDE Version: 2021-12 (4.22.0) Build id: 20211202-1639, overtop Java SE 17 on Windows 10. The project Maven dependencies I am using are: jackson-annotations_2.13.1, jackson-core_2.13.1, jackson-databind_2.13.1, lightstreamer_java-system-out.log_1.02, lightstreamer_ls-log-adapter-java_1.02, lightstreamer_ls-javase-client_4.3.0, slf4j-api_1.7.32, and slf4j-log4j12_1.7.32.

Iím currently at a loss as to how to proceed from this point. Any assistance you can provide would be amazing.

Thank you,
Fred Clegg

Business Email: cleggink187@gmail.com
Personal Email: cleggfredrick@gmail.com
Phone: 937-622-1436

P.S. Problem code:

public void lightstreamerSubscription() { // TODO LIGHTSTREAMER LOGIN AND SUBSCRIPTION

String[] items = new String[forexComMarketList.length];
String[] fields = { "MarketId", "TickDate", "Bid", "Offer", "Price", "High", "Low" };

for (int i = 0; i < items.length; i++) { // MARKET item LIST BUILD LOOP
items[i] = String.join("", "PRICE.", forexComMarketList[i].marketID);
lsClient = new LightstreamerClient("https://push.cityindex.com/", "STREAMINGALL");
lsClient.connectionDetails.setUser(forexComClientD ata.personalEmailAddress);
lsClient.connectionDetails.setPassword(forexComCli entData.sessionToken);
lsClient.addListener(new LightstreamerClientListener());
lsSub = new Subscription("MERGE", "PRICE.401484300", fields); // TODO REPLACE ARRAY AFTER SUCCESSFUL TESTING
lsSub.addListener(new LightstreamerSubscriptionListener());