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    Developing adapters in eclipse ---

    My adapter works with a bug ( database connector goes off piste ) when running LS from the command line but when I try to run the Development environment under eclipse Iget a log message

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.lightstreamer.c.c.o
    at com.lightstreamer.c.c.r.j(
    at com.lightstreamer.c.c.r.a(
    at com.lightstreamer.c.d.a.i.p(
    at com.lightstreamer.c.d.a.x.lambda$selectorLoop$0(x. java)
    at com.lightstreamer.c.d.a.x.a(

    Which is crippling the LS instance.

    Anyone got any ideas to save my sanity?

    I have updated all the LS stuff to the latest 7.2 version and made some minor tweaks but this now has me stumped.

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    Running LS Server in Eclipse is not easy indeed, because the Server uses classloaders to decouple third party libraries, hence it is not just a matter of adding all the libraries under "Lightstreamer/lib" to the run configuration classpath.
    Unfortunately, our instructions for this task, in this thread (to which you also contributed), are obsolete and don't apply to LS 7.2.

    Nevertheless, for simple scenarios in which the classloader separation is not needed, it is possible to run the Server in Eclipse by putting all jars under "Lightstreamer/lib" in the classpath. The only trick is that the libraries under the "Lightstreamer/lib/log/bridge" folder should not be included.

    That said, I found your same exception when omitting the following jar from the classpath:
    so, I suppose that this jar (or perhaps the whole "Lightstreamer/lib/core" folder) is missing from your run configuration classpath.

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    Thanks - Including the jars in the build class path fixed it. ( the javaassist and core libs were in the run classpath )

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    Can you please add an example on how to include jars in the build class?



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