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    Dear Mr. Giuseppe,

    Thank you so much for your kind help..

    I have contacted My SSL provider and they assured me that the algorithm the certificate uses is RSA.

    And I told them about my issue with Lightstreamer and their question was as follow:

    If we base our further investigation on an assumption that there's something wrong with the certificate's algorithm, most likely it is the server's configuration has it wrong somewhere, that is because RSA-based SSL certificates are widely used in the industry and usually no issues arise when those are used. It might be the server is trying to take the RSA-based certificate as a certificate using a different algorithm, and that is where the root cause of the issue lies.

    Please elaborate how I can check what algorithm my server is set to recognize the certificates of, and if this cannot be changed or altered, provide me with the list of algorithms that should be used for the SSL certificates on server.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi William1,

    I can confirm that the Lightstreamer server is in no way involved in managing or interpreting or choosing the key algorithm of the certificate.
    Whether accepting the certificate or not is a matter between the client and the ssl implementation of the jvm, the Lightstreamer server has no room for intervention.


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    Hello William1,
    Please consider that the certificate received from the SSL provider has been included in a keystore in order to be used in LS Server.
    Hence, it could be useful to inspect the contents of the keystore to see if anything is missing.
    One way is the already suggested inspection via, which shows how the keystore mounted on the Server is seen by a client.
    If this way, as it seems to us, is not feasible for you, then another possibility is to inspect the keystore locally with keytool or openssl.
    For instance, with
    keytool -keystore <file> -list
    you can check if there is at least one private key entry.



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