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    Question I need a help to enable the HTTPS "SSL" in (LightStreamer 5.1.1)

    Hello Everyone,

    I have in my website a (Marketwatch) streaming prices, But when I started using HTTPS the (MarketWatch) stopped and No streaming prices.

    I think the (LightStreamer) need some changes, or something else..

    Please I need your help to enable the HTTPS in (LightStreamer 5.1.1).

    Best Regards

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    Hi William1,

    In order to enable https in your Lightstreamer server you have to configure one (or more) <https_server> section in the lightstreamer_conf.xml configuration file.
    Please go through the inline comment of the section ( for detailed instructions.

    Please also take a look at this documentation ( with instructions on how to get and deploy a working TLS certificate in your Lightstreamer server.
    Also make sure that the license you are using is compatible with the TLS/SSL feature.


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    Dear Mr. Giuseppe,

    Thank you so much for your informative and valuable reply.

    Kindly, I have attached to you my "lightstreamer_conf.xml", please is it compatible with the TLS/SSL feature?

    Could you Please help me to make some editing in this file to make it working with SSL.

    Please I would like to be the https port: 8443

    Thank you so much in advance.
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    Hi *William1,

    As I said in my previous mail, you need to copy the <https_server> section from here ( in your lightstreamer_conf.xml file, just below the <http_server> section.
    Then you need to uncomment the section itself, and the following parameters:


    this is the port the server will accept https requests;


    This is the keystore containing the TLS certificate of your domain, please refer to this documentation ( for detailed instructions in order to create your keystore and then copy it under /conf folder.

    All other parameters of the section are optional and you can decide how to set them, especially pay attention to <remove_cipher_suites>.
    However, please consider that version 5.1.1 is very old, and there have been many updates up to now, also regarding the https management.
    So my advice is to schedule an upgrade to a newer version at your earlier convenience.




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