Please advise.

We would like to place the html table content in an iframe. However if we do this, we don't think we're able add the dyna table to the ls page because addTable takes the table and a string id (not the actual object).

For example we have...

<tr id="data" source="lightstreamer" ... >
var table = new DynaMetapushTable(..,..,"COMMAND");
//alert(document.frames("iframe").document.all.data) ; //finds framed object
lsPage.addTable(table, "data"); // fails to find 'data'


Can you :

(1) confirm if this configuration LS compatible?
(2) suggest a solution or point me in the right direction?

We have had a non iframe solution working well...but are keen on iframes (or similar) to manage the page content.

Kind regards