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    Question Lightstreamer Load Test Toolkit is not compatible with Lightstreamer server 7.2.0

    Hi team,

    As title, I have set up a new Lightstreamer server and would like to run a load test for it. The log result I have been found is like this. Previously I use Lightstreamer server 7.1 have no issue at all. Please look at the log file below:

    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,046 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |Reading local configuration...24-Jul-21 13:41:37,052 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |protocol read: ws://
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,052 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |host read: localhost
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,053 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |port read: 8880
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,053 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |adapterSetName read: LOAD_TESTS
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,053 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |numberOfSessions read: 100
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,053 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |itemsPerSession read: 5
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,053 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |itemRandomExtraction read: false
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,054 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |sessionDurationSeconds read: 7200
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,054 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |delaySessionStartMillis read: 1
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,055 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |minCreatePool read: 1
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,055 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |serverPorts read: 1
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,055 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |listenerThreads read: 1
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,056 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |updatesLogger.isDebugEnabled(): false
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,056 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |latencyLogger.isInfoEnabled(): false
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,056 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |ignoreData: true
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,057 |INFO |tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |Reading remote configuration...
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,199 |DEBUG|tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |Connecting to server to retrieve configuration...
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,386 |DEBUG|tstreamer.load_test.configuration|main |Subscribing configuration item...
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,587 |ERROR|com.lightstreamer.oneway_client |nioEventLoopGroup-2-1 |(session null) Error: 71 License not valid for this Client type
    24-Jul-21 13:41:37,591 |ERROR|tstreamer.load_test.configuration|pool-1-thread-1 |Connection failed: 71 License not valid for this Client type
    I wonder that could I using this new version of LS due to my development environment is LS version 7.1. Is there any conflict between client API and server API?

    I have found out that the license that I purchased was not included Java SE client API that why the connection of LLTT was rejected.
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    Hi subaoye,

    I can confirm that the Lightstreamer server 7.2.0 is fully compatible with the Lightstreamer Load Test Toolkit (LLTT).
    As you have already noticed, the problem is with the license which the server is running.
    Please note that in order to accept the clients of the simulator included in the most recent versions of the LLTT the license must have the "Generic Clients (TLCP Protocol)" option enabled (and not Java SE Client).

    Maybe you want to contact in order to double check if you can get a temporary license that allows you to run your load tests.


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    Hi Mr. Giuseppe,

    Yes it is because of the license didn't included the "Generic Clients (TLCP Protocol)" option.

    Thanks for your answer.



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