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    Question how to create Adapter Set

    i am creating and testing .NET dataadapters with several example, every time i am creating adapter.xml and directory which are common to all the samples. i tried to create adapter set but at my end it didn't worked, can any one let me how to create adapter set. and i want to maintain separate directory for all my examples with one adapter set, like default demo directory.

    And for each example i am using different ports for request, reply, notify streams like
    6661,6662,6663...., i tried to use same ports for all samples but getting error cause its already configured in adapter.xml file.

    and separate directory for client code in pages folder. let me know the step by step procedure to configure successfully.


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    hi, in your adapters.xml you'll need to have multiple data_provider elements, each one configured with different ports and a different name.

    the Remote_FullPortfolioDemo shows this approach; check out the adapters.xml file under LS_HOME/DOCS-SDKs/sdk_adapter_dotnet/examples/Remote_FullPortfolioDemo/Deployment/Deployment_LS/FullPortfolio_sockets

    this adapter can be used with the PortfolioDemo clients: once the adapter is properly deployed change the adapter set of the PortfolioDemo from DEMO to PORTFOLIODEMO_REMOTE and the front-end will use the remote adapter instead of using the "classic" one.

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    Thank you MONE, its working now.



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