Recently we started receiving following error messages, which we think come from the Lightstreamer library:

29-Dec-20 07:10:03,867|ERROR|Adapters.OURPROXYNAME.DEFAULT|pter.DEFAULT Reply Receiver|Exception caught while subscribing to item 'OUR_PRODUCT_IDENTIFIER' ption: Subscribe request come too late
at Protocol.readSubscribe( 44)
at ovider$2.onReplyReceived( 18)
at com.lightstreamer.adapters.proxy.request_reply.Req uestSender.onNotifyReceived( )
at com.lightstreamer.adapters.proxy.request_reply.Not ifyReceiver.onNotifyReceived( 44)
at com.lightstreamer.adapters.proxy.request_reply.Not
Would you be able to tell us what may be the cause of the error above?
We were not seeing those errosr before and we think it may be related to the performance of the infrastructure.
LS version used: 7.2.0