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    Angry UNCHANGED values


    I have an old version of lightstreamer (client and server), in this version, when no changes happened to the field, I receive "UNCHANGED".

    Now, I 'm upgrading both the client and server, but it seems that the server always push the latest value of the field whether changed or not.

    Is that TRUE? in case yes, Is there any way that I can configure the server to push data in the old mechanism.

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    We have never changed this aspect.
    There is a Server flag, <delta_delivery>, which governs this behavior, but it defaults at Y (hence no sending of unchanged values).
    Is your observation based on what you see on the wire or on what your application sees on the Client JDK library interface?
    Anyway, you can specify the old and new versions of Server and Client SDK involved for a deeper check.

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    old lightstreamer version 5.1.1 Colosseo
    while the new light streamer version is 7.1.2

    In addition, I have checked the <delta_delivery> and I found it not configured, the conf file just mentioned that the default is 'Y' but actually it's commented out.

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    For this matter, it would be more important to consider the versions of the client SDK libraries.
    What I mean is that, if you have moved from a pre-unified client SDK to a unified client SDK, the interface has changed so thoroughly that may have deceived you.
    For instance, in the ItemUpdate object, the getValue method returns the value regardless if it has changed or not, whereas isValueChanged provides that information.



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