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    Angry Delay diffence between customers

    Dear All,

    I have an urgent issue. my clients are facing different delay in the updates. some of them are more recent than others, all customers connect to the same lightstreamer server and using the same data adapter, and the same Java Client.

    What cause such an issue...

    I can't attach the lightstreamer logs

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    Hi ManKeer,

    There are internal queues in the Server that could accumulate delays for outgoing updates, but there is no different treat for the various clients.
    The queues compensate for clients that are slow and block the Server when it tries to write.
    The length of these queues depends on the configuration and the kind of subscription.
    If the queue is long, the updates will accumulate delays; on the other hand, if it is short, the updates will be conflated.

    So, if some clients experience delays, the cause is probably on the client or network side.


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    In any case thank you for helping me.



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