I'm connecting to the light streamer server from an HTML5 client, the client uses a javascript code in order to connect to the light streamer, I have another java client which connects to the light streamer server, both clients uses the same data adapter on the light streamer server.
HTML5 has it's own light streamer server, and the java client has it's own light streamer server.
However, when the number of customers increases, the behaviour is totally different between the java and the HTML5, We found a huge number of WAIT TO CLOSE sessions on the HTML5 LS server, but nothing happened on the java side.
I have read the log and I have found the following line repeated too many times:

31-Aug-20 14:10:37,592|INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests |FOR PUMPS PARKING DESTROYER|Closed session S97cc068f69302361T1037592 with internal cause code: 38 (Interrupted).
(99% of the total repetitions)

31-Aug-20 10:59:55,136|INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests |FOR PUMPS PARKING DESTROYER|Closed session Sd801e961cc64051cT5925121 with internal cause code: 39 (Timeout).
(1% of the total repetitions)
These two records repeated 117058 for 2000 users starting from 9:30 up to 14:15

Would you please help me with this serious issue?

Note: I have tried to upload the logs but unfortunately it is not uploaded for some reason