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    Question My code is in CONNECTED:WS-STREAMING -> can't get to CONNECTED:HTTP-STREAMING

    Hello y'all,
    I'm trying to finalize my Lightstreamer lib update. But in my Android project, the onStatusChange returns to me only the CONNECTED:WS-STREAMING. I know from the iOS project that the correct state to be is CONNECTED:HTTP-STREAMING.

    2020-06-29 18:59:37.552 3193-3457/ D/LIGHTSTREAMER: onStatusChange: DISCONNECTED
    2020-06-29 18:59:41.194 3193-3485/ D/LIGHTSTREAMER: onStatusChange: CONNECTING
    2020-06-29 18:59:41.522 3193-3485/ D/LIGHTSTREAMER: onStatusChange: CONNECTED:STREAM-SENSING
    2020-06-29 18:59:41.773 3193-3485/ D/LIGHTSTREAMER: onStatusChange: CONNECTED:WS-STREAMING

    I am catching this exception too: E/SubscrException4: Cannot modify an active Subscription, please unsubscribe before applying any change

    Maybe there is some clue of what could be missing?
    Thanks again,

    John, from Brazil.

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    Hello John,

    The client libraries try the best way to connect to Lightstreamer Server, hence, any of CONNECTED:WS-STREAMING, CONNECTED:HTTP-STREAMING and CONNECTED:HTTP-POLLING can be expected and this can vary depending on the client environment.
    Among these, CONNECTED:WS-STREAMING (i.e. streaming over Websocket) is the best case.

    The iOS library also connects via Websocket, whenever possibile, unless it is very old; what version are you using?

    The mentioned exception is unrelated with the above.
    It can be issued by any setter of the Subscription class.
    In fact, this class is not a simple bean but has a lifecycle. You can compose the subscription characteristics via setters, but after you submit the subscription (and it becomes "active") you can no longer invoke the setters until you unsubscribe. At this point you can modify the subscription with the setters and resubmit it.
    In some way, you must have acted differently.

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    In .Net how can we specify the connection? I am trying to set it to HTTP-POLLING but I cannot find the setting anywhere.



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    Assuming the latest version, to enforce a long-polling connection you can set the ForcedTransport property of the connectionOptions object.
    Otherwise, please specify the SDK library version in use.



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