Hi, I started using https://www.npmjs.com/package/lightstreamer-client-web npm package in my application instead of older version of lightstreamer client we had previously. And now for some reason I inconsistently cannot connect to my lightstreamer server(not always reproducable). I make a connect() call and in browser network I see the call to create_session.txt but in my lightstreamer server logs I see following errors
Serving request: bind_session -> LS_session=Sbd21b87183da6bdcM7e5T4447660&LS_phase=1903&LS_cause=loop1&
 Received unrecognized session ID: Sbd21b87183da6bdcM7e5T4447660
Sync error: Unexpected session ID
And there are no logs of create_session being called. For some reason session is not created properly from this client-web npm package. Can you please help what can be the root cause of the issue and why this keeps happening inconsistently?