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    How to change the streaming/smart polling/polling mode


    From the API doc of Java client, there is an "isPolling" flag in the "ConnectionInfo" class that can turn from streaming mode to "long polling" mode. Is there any method that can force change to normal polling mode with polling interval setting?

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    The characteristics of a polling session are determined by two more properties of the ConnectionInfo class: pollingMillis and pollingIdleMillis.
    The former is the wait to be performed by the client after each poll;
    the latter is the wait that the Server can perform before sending its response if no update is ready.

    By setting pollingIdleMillis to 0, the "long polling" behavior will be disabled and normal synchronous polling will result.
    The API doc says that isPolling turns from streaming mode to long polling mode just because the default (and suggested) setting for pollingIdleMillis is not 0 but rather 30000 ms.



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