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    JVM version

    I notice that the new 3.2.4 release now uses a 1.6 JVM in the server startup scripts. I assume that using 1.6 is not a requirement for running the server or building Java adapters. Do you have any comments on performance, resource consumption or reliability of the server with Java 1.6 vs 1.5 - do you recommend an upgrade for those not already on 1.6 (I expect many are not).

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    The requirements are still the same (JVM >= 1.4.2). We moved to JVM 6.0 as the suggested platform, because many fonts report the best performance and reliability. But we haven't done a deep assessement with Lightstreamer to collect quantitative data yet.


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    I read from the web site that JVM 1.7 is recommended for the new Lightstreamer 5. Will Lightstreamer 4 work with JVM 1.7 or should Lightstreamer 4 installation stay with JVM 1.6?

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    The Lightstreamer 4.x versions work fine with JVM 1.7, indeed it's recommended for performance reasons as for Lightstreamer 5.x.

    However, please note that Lightstreamer 5.x includes full support for WebSockets, a brand new JavaScript client API, impressive performance boost, and many new features. So in order to get all this benefits we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version, 5.x Colosseo, of Lightstreamer too.



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