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    Can't have HelloWorld .Net adapter demo working


    New to LighStreamer and trying to get the HelloWorld Demo working but stuck when lauching HelloWorld_Remote_Adapter causing an error, below.

    Thank you for your help.

    04.avr..20 11:47:56,241 <ERROR> Proxy Adapter initialization error on PROXY_HELLOWORLD.DEFAULT: Unsupported reserved protocol version number: 1.8.1
    04.avr..20 11:47:56,241 < WARN> Discarded unknown Remote Server message: 'DPNI'
    04.avr..20 11:47:56,241 < INFO> Request sender 'PROXY_HELLOWORLD.DEFAULT-1-1' stopped
    04.avr..20 11:47:56,242 < INFO> Reply receiver 'PROXY_HELLOWORLD.DEFAULT-1-1' stopped
    04.avr..20 11:47:56,242 <ERROR> Exception from the inner Proxy Data Adapter: ption: Unsupported reserved protocol version number: 1.8.1
    04.avr..20 11:47:56,243 <ERROR> Inner Proxy Data Adapter initialization failure; no Inner Proxy will be used
    04.avr..20 11:47:56,243 < INFO> Notify receiver 'PROXY_HELLOWORLD.DEFAULT-1-1' stopped

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    Hi again,

    I had it working by downloading and building the app.
    Thank you.


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    Hi Laurent,

    Thank you for the feedback and I can confirm that in the '' of the GitHub release there was an incorrect version of the .Net Adapter library. We'll fix it in a while.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.




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